I lived in Valencia from 1972 thru 2015. I worked for a regional business for 45 years as a manager. Once my wife and I retired we moved to Long Island New York in June 2015 to be close to our daughter our son-in law and two grand children in Sag Harbor,NY. So far we have greatly enjoyed our time here. A big change from southern California, particularly the winter weather!

If I remember correctly I first met Steve in 2013 when he purchased Vincenzo’s Pizza in Newhall from the prior owner Bob. Steve carried on with the Vincenzo’s tradition of making amazing pizzas in the tradition of the prior owner and if you can believe it even better pizzas!

When we moved to Long Island my wife and I would buy mostly local pizzas and an occasional pizza in Manhattan from Sal and Carmine’s Pizza on the upper westside at 2671 Broadway, NY, NY. They are great pizzas however they just don’t have the great taste we were used to from Vincenzo’s.

Locally to where we live we patronize the following pizza parlors. They are: Mama Lisa pizza in Mastic, New York. Anton’s Pizza in Center Moriches, New York, and Mary’s Pizza in Speonk, New York. (All of these businesses can be found on their websites to include their menus.) For us though, none of them are equal to the taste of Vincenzo’s.

Bob Millner

Best Pizza in Santa Clarita. Been there for years. I had not been in some time and decided to take the kids. Pizza was as good as ever. Owner Steve was really friendly and offered to share his butter with us to try out on the crust as bread. Yummy. They offer karaoke 3 Fridays a month he said. Also offer bluegrass band. This coming Friday they will be having salsa instructors and you can learn to Salsa dance. Great family fun and good food. Thanks Steve for maintaining good quality restaurant for families. Also supporting local sports teams. We appreciate you.

Thanks, Renee

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One of my favorite places for quality italian food. Everyone at our table was quite pleased. Service is consistently great. The bill was appropriate for the quality. This place has positive reviews for a reason.

Thanks, Marvin

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Family style diner that was definitely worth the drive! We live about 20 miles from Vincenzo’s, but we heard about the food and the live music and decided to make the trip. After we walked up to the counter and ordered our food and drinks, we sat down and enjoyed the most entertaining cover band I’ve listened to in a long time. The pizza tasted out of this world, the vibe was upbeat and fun, and the staff was super friendly. It was our first time there, but definitely not our last!

Thanks, Erik

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